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Tenant Participation - Getting Involved

What's it all about?

Tenant participation is about tenants taking part in decision making processes and influencing decisions about

  • Housing policies
  • Housing conditions
  • Housing and related services

It is a two way process which involves the sharing of information, ideas and power. Its aim is to improve the standard of housing conditions and services.

We run lots of events - see our news pages for more details throughout the year. News Link

Tenant Participation Strategy 2020/21 - 2021-22

 Our Tenant Paraticpation Strategy and Action Plan was updated in 2020. Given the Covid 19 situation this plan covers a two year period which is shorter than usual . In it we have looked at how we can still deliver participation opportunties given the lockdown situation. The good news is that we have been able to do this and all praise to the Tenant Scrutiny Panel for quickly getting to grips with Zoom. We have also produce a short video on participation and you can find it on our Facebook site. Follow the link below.

Participate with Paragon

TP Action Plan Report 2022-23

Tenant Scrutiny

Tenant scrutiny is more than just another tenant participation activity. It is a way of giving tenants greater influence and ability to hold their landlords to account, by exercising more power over the business decisions, governance and performance of their landlord.  

Find out more by visiting our Tenant Scrutiny Page. Click Here.

Contact information

If you would like to talk to someone about Tenant Participation please contact

Evelyn Mathershaw – Housing Manager or any member of the Housing Management Team

Call 01324 664966 or email us


TP Strategy Approved Oct 2020

TP Action Plan 2020-21

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