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Tenancy Rights & Responsibilities

Most of our properties are let under a Scottish Secrure Tenancy, "SST". This is based on legal requirements and good practice as set out by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

The agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of tenants and the landlord.

The key areas covered are :

  • Rents - when rent is due,how much is to be paid and how increases are set
  • Use of the house and common parts - including taking care of the house, standards of behaviour including that of visitors and respect for others
  • Who can live in the property
  • Repairs - who is responsible of what
  • Disposal of rubbish
  • Keeping and control of pets
  • Ending tenancies
  • Consultation


This is not a full list of rights and responsibilities and our staff can give you more detailed advice. At every "sign up" for a new tenancy we will explain the condtions of the agreement to prosepctive new tenants.

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