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There are some great gardens in our estates and the Annual Garden Competition is well supported by our tenants and other residents in our estates. If you are in the fortunate position of having your own garden area then you have responsibilites for looking after this.

When you signed your tenancy agreement, you have agreed to look after the garden.This includes taking reasonable care of it, not allowing it to become overgrown or cause a nuisance. If you fail to do this and do not take action to improve the situation when we ask you to , we make take legal action against you for breach of tenancy or we may do the required work and recharge you for this.

You must not remove, chop down or destroy any bushes, hedges or trees without our written permission unless you planted them. 

If one of our properties in an estate is vacant for a significant period of time we will arrange to have some basic garden maintenance carried out if we think it is required.

If you have any queries regarding gardens in your estate then please contact your Housing Officer. 

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