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How the Association is run

Governance - The Management Committee

The leadership and strategic direction of the organisation is the reponsibility of the governing body. Paragon Housing Association is governed by a volunteer Management Committee which comprises of a maximum of 15 people. These members also serve on sub committees which support the work of the Management Committee.

We operate by a set of Rules and these can be downloaded below.

We encourage applications  to stand for membership our Management Commitee from anyone who supports the work of the Association and can offfer the skills and commitment to govern the Association. We offer training and support so there is an opportuntiy to develop in the role. Download our Management Committee membership pack below or contact us for more information.

If you are not aleady a member of the Association visit our Membership Page for more information

The Staff

The day to day running of the Association is the responsibility of our staff team. There are 4 departments staffed by 24 full time members of staff and 2 part time cleaners.

  • Directorate - responsible for the overall running of the organisation, supporting governance, human resources, policy & planning 
  • Finance - responsible for financial matters including financial planning, IT strategy and systems
  • Programme & Regeneration - reponsible for managing the investment programme & regeneration initiatives
  • Housing Management - has 3 teams
    • HOST- Housing Operations Support Team -  responsible for reception, front line enquiries, repairs and allocations
    • Estates Team - responsible for looking after our estates through estate inspections, close inspections and promotion of tenancy responsibilities and dealing with tenancy infringements
    • Tenancy Management -  responsible for arrrears control and enforcement of actions of tenancy breaches

 Find out more about how we are run and our people by visting our Governance & Organisation Page More about us



PHA Rules Membership Pack 2022

Management Committee Application Pack 2022

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