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Policies and procedures are available to view or download below . Please note that some are currently under review and you can find out more about our consultations by following this link.


Rent Harmonisation Newsletter Aug 2023

PHA Allocations Policy Oct 2022

PHA ASB & ND Policy - February 2019.pdf 180.72 KB

PHA Asbestos Policy June 2021

PHA Customer Care Policy June 2019.pdf 90.17 KB

PHA Donations Policy February 2022

PHA General Data Protection Policy Approved Feb 2022

PHA FOI Policy Feb 2024

PHA EIR Policy Feb 2024

PHA Entitlements Payments And Benefits Policy August 2021

PHA Estate Management Policy Feb 2024

PHA Gas & Other Flued Appliances Servicing Policy July 2022

PHA Factoring Policy July 2022

PHA Equalities Policy Jan 2022

PHA H&S Policy 2019.pdf 93.79 KB

PHA Procurement Policy Aug 2022

PHA Rent Arrears Prevention And Recovery Policy Nov 2022

PHA Rent Mar 98 Annexes 01&02.pdf 115.12 KB

PHA Repairs & Maintenance January 2009.pdf 141.76 KB

PHA Right to Repair Policy March 2019.pdf 107.96 KB

PHA Risk Mgt & IA Strategy Policy.pdf 294.94 KB

PHA Sustainability Policy Approved 191011.pdf 96.33 KB

PHA Tenant Participation Policy June 2014.pdf 168.31 KB

PHA Tenancy Change Policy February 2019.pdf 134.74 KB

PHA Whistleblowing Policy 2021

PHA alteration to property booklet version 4 March 2013.pdf 251.89 KB

PHA Tenant Privacy Notice May 2023

PHA Domestic Abuse Policy Jan 2020

PHA Data Retention Policy & Schedule Feb 2024

PHA Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Feb 2024

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