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Welcome to the You Said - We Did Page

On this page we will give you feedback on things that our service users - tenants, owners our estates and people looking for housing from us - have told us as part of any feedback we might receive. This might be from surveys , work of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel , Facebook Comments , web site feedback , complaints or any general comments we receive . The idea came from the work we did with a group of tenants and the Tenants Information Service (TIS) as part of the Scottish Government's  "Next Steps" Tenant Partcipation Project . We hope you like it and find it useful and if you want to give us feedback get in touch - here is the link to our web site contact form contact form or get in touch by phone ( 01324 878050 - temporary  Coronavirus Number) or email us at

  • Feedback  1 - As part of our Rent Consultation last year (2019) some people commented about differences in rents between properties 
    • Our response - we are going to carry out a Rent Harmonisation Exercise - this is a bit delayed because of the Coronavirus Pandemic but we aim to have a brief ready for the exercise by the end of the financial year - find out more in our next newsletter
  • Feedback 2 -  Comments on our Facebook page said that pinning a post on our  contact details makes it look like there have been no recent posts
    • Our response - we have unpinned the post and now have scheduled posts about contact details on a Monday and Friday and if you have any other ideas of what you would like to see on Facebook please let us know
  • Feedback 3 - The Tenant Scrutinty Panel said we are not satisfied with way difficult / complex repairs are monitored
    • Our response -  we have set up ‘one to watch repairs list’ and weekly meetings for monitor progress and more frequent contact between the Association and the tenant who has the repair issue and we have appointed a Repairs Qulaity Standards Officer
    • Feedback 4 - following consultation with tenants on our Rent Increase proposals for 2021/22 concerens were raised about increasing rents during the Covid 19 pandemic
      • Our response was to apply a Rent Freeze for 2021/22



  • Feedback 5 - one of our housing applicants told us via a Facebook message that the information provided about our housing stock as part of the application is a bit confusing
    • Our response is that the HOST Team are making changes to this
  • Feedback 6 - Gas Servicing and Repairs  – Some tenants have told us that they had been unaware that our contractor CTS had been out as no card had been left. 
    • Our response - we have asked the contractor to start leaving no access cards so tenants are aware that they have missed a call.
  • Feedback 7Owners invoiced for Open Space Maintenance in Clackmannanshire and Stirling have told us that they don’t think there is enough information in the invoices we issue.
    • Our Response - We have now revised our invoice content and moving forward will include more information on work undertaken as part of the Open Space Maintenance Contract

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