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Welcome to the You Said - We Did Page

On this page we will give you feedback on things that our service users - tenants, owners in our estates and people looking for housing from us - have told us as part of any feedback we might receive. This might be from surveys, work of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, Facebook Comments, web site feedback, complaints or any general comments we receive. The idea came from the work we did with a group of tenants and the Tenants Information Service (TIS) as part of the Scottish Government's  "Next Steps" Tenant Partcipation Project. We hope you like it and find it useful and if you want to give us feedback get in touch - here is the link to our web site contact form contact form or get in touch by phone 01324 664966 or email us at

Feedback given on  recent consultations reminded us that not all tenants find it easy to attend meetings and focus groups especially if their first language is not English.  We’ve taken this on board and want to let  tenants know that we are happy to arrange for an interpreter to join you in any meetings you have with the Association.  This includes Participation and Engagement meetings.  Similarly if you want us to arrange a one to one session with a staff member and an interpreter to go over any documents or current consultations in more detail we are happy to arrange this.  This is one of the reasons we are currently collecting equalities information so know about things that could make it easier for your to contact us and discuss the things that matter to you.


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