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Problems with Paying Rent

From time to time tenants may experience financial difficulties including problems in meeting rent payments. If you have problems paying your rent then help is available.


If, for any reason, tenants find that they cannot pay their rent then they should contact a Tenancy Management Officer as soon as possible.

Falling behind with rental payments and not making these up can have very serious consequences including losing your home if legal action is pursued.

If payments are missed, make an agreement with us to pay by regular instalments to clear the rent arrears as soon as possible. Setting up an agreement can be done by telephoning your housing officer, arranging an office or home visit or by making an appointment for the contact point. You can also contact us by letter.

You may be entitled to Housing Benefit or obtain independant money advice - see the Housing Benefit and Money Advice section for more details.

Arrears Policy For Tenants June 2024

Your Guide To Dealing With Rent Arrears June 2024

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