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Noise can be a real nuisance to neighbours so please be considerate. Sometimes people do not realise that they are causing annoyance so you may want to approach your neighbour if there is a probem. If you do this, please be calm and reasonable about it. If you feel that you cannot do this, then contact your Housing Officer for advice.

  • Noise can come from  many sources and can be worse if you live in a flat - here are some examples
  • playing music too loudly
  • diy activities early morning or late at night
  • TV too loud
  • washing machines on early morning or late at night
  • cutting grass early morning or late at night
  • shouting and raising voices indoors and outdoors
  • walking about with heavy shoes or high heels
  • banging doors
  • barking dogs
  • revving up cars in the street

It can be worse if you do not put down carpets or rugs. Please remember that you need permission to install laminate flooring and that the correct underlay needs to be used.

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