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Welcome to our first Blog from John Young one of our Tenant Scrutiny Panel members - this month he tells us all about his experience at a Tenants' Information Service online session about how tenant participation can and has continued during lockdown. Over to John.

“Brilliant Zoom meeting hosted by the TIS team - Our Blended Future - and so worth attending


We were introduced to the TIS team with the first session being how TIS had evolved due the Covid-19 pandemic and the lessons they have learned through their new approaches for engagement to all they are involved with…. some working great, others needing more work…. inspiring!


The next couple of sessions were from Kingdom Housing Association and Aberdeen City Council both exploring their evolving approaches to digital engagement for tenant participation and how developments have reshaped their approaches to maximum opportunities. Although being far bigger organisations than Paragon, it was great to see how Paragon had already adopted many of the practices put in place and I was proud to voice how well Paragon was striving and adapting to maximise tenant participation and how well the Association was reacting against the barriers imposed by Covid—19.


The round up final session by TIS complemented the whole afternoon and reinforced the emphasis on continually developing a usable and evolving strategy to meet what can only be known as the “new normal” towards tenant participation.


A brilliant and well worth afternoon offering loads of “food for thought”, and also an appreciation of just how well Paragon and its staff has reacted and evolved over the last miserable and difficult year always with the main objective being tenant satisfaction!

I would urge anyone interested to contact Paragon and see how they can get you involved…. it is brilliant and they want to know what we as tenants think."


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