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Performance Figures & Charter ReportKPI Charter

Interested in how well we are providing our services? 

Please download the attachments below for our latest Annual Return on the Tenants' Charter (ARC Return) to March 2023 and the SHR published Landlord Report.With the help of the Tenant Scrutinty Panel we also producing a summary report which was published in Oct 2023. Thanks to the members of the Group for their help on it.

We have also included information from previous years  so you can see the relevant trends.

You can give us feedback through our on line form Feedback Link- or join in our Tenant Particpation activies for more involvement

If you want more details of the performance of Scottish housing associations and councils, visit the Scottish Housing Regulator's Web Site. This site contains comprehensive data on the performance of Scottish social landlords. LINK

We hope you find the information helpful.

If you are a Paragon HA service user (tenant,owner in one of our estates or on our housing waiting list)  and would like to get involved in our Scrutiny Panel please drop us an email at or give us a call on 01324 664966. We would be delighted to hear from you.



PHA Complaints Q 3 2023-24

PHA Charter Report Summary 2022-23

PHA Charter Return 2022-23

SHR Landlord Report Web 2022-23

PHA Complaints Q2 2023-24

Q3 2023-24 Expenses

PHA KPI Dashboard Q2 2023-24

TSP Report On Complaints Process June 2023

PHA 2022-23 Complaints Report


PHA Charter Report Summary 2021-22

PHA Charter Return 2021-22

SHR Landlord Report Web 2021-22

PHA Charter Report Summary 2021-22

PHA Charter Report Summary 2020-21

SHR Landlord Report Web 2020-21

PHA ARC Return 2020-21

PHA Tenant Report Dec 2020 Web Site

PHA ARC Report 2019-20

PHA ARC Report 2019.PDF 163.34 KB

PHA ARC Tenant Report Oct 2019.pdf 2.09 MB

Paragon Summer News 2019.pdf 1.1 MB

PHA RETURN ARC 2018-19.pdf 435.29 KB

PHA ARC Report 2018.pdf 168.28 KB

PHA Winter News 2018 Final.pdf 2.39 MB

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