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Rubbish & Recycling


A common source of complaints about neighbours concerns rubbish disposal. Here are a few tips that might help avoid friction with neighbours

  • Put your bin out for collection on the right day 
  • Put it away as soon as possible after it is emptied
  • Put an identification mark on your bin so you know which is your bin eg street or flat number 
  • If your bin tips over and rubbish is on the street , bin store area or garden - please clean it up
  • If you have recycling bins please use the correct bin for the waste eg garden waste for the garden bin
  • Organise special uplifts of bulky rubbish as soon as possible - click on this link for more details



 Local council offer good recycling services but it can vary from areas to area so check out your council area for more details

Stirling Council

Fakirk Council

Clackmannanshire Council

For more good advice on reducing waste and recycling visit the Sort It Site

Sort It Site

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