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Owners Space

Welcome to the Owners' Space section of the site.

Throughout the estates owned by the Association there are owners and tenants living side by side as neighbours. All of us with an interest in these estates want them to be well looked after and pleasant areas to live in. To achieve this, there has to be some understanding of the roles we all have to play and the responsibilities of the Association and owners.

Owners & Paragon - Understanding the Relationship

If you own a property ( house or flat)  in a Paragon Housing Association estate you may have a legal relationship with us as an owner. Both owners and the Association have responsibilities for the upkeep of estates. Some owners will be in our Factoring Scheme and pay an annual management fee and other owners may only have contact with us where work is required relatively infrequently. Either way-  a legal relationship exists.

During Autumn 2013 the Association issued Written Statements of Service about how factoring operates in each estate affected. This is an imporant document and details our relationship with owners and the services we provide as Factor.

The Association is registered under the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011.

Registration Number PF000282

The OWNERS SPACE Section of the Web Site provides useful information about the service we provide as Factors and about Owners' Responsibilities .We cover the topics that generate most enquiries from owners to our staff. We hope that this is helpful to owners , tenants and others visting the site.

Follow the links below to some areas of the site that you might find useful and you can download our Factoring Policy. If you have any queries you can contact us by email

Factoring Scheme - Flatted Properties

Owners & Common Areas

Estate Layout Plans

Paying Your Bill


PHA Factoring Policy July 2022

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